How to Market Your Business on Local Search Directories

One of the top strategies to add to your marketing mix is listing your business URL, business contact information, your store hours, products and services, and any specific keywords that your target niche audience may use to find stores were businesses such as yours using search engines.Local search directories are becoming some of the top search engines for consumers to use when attempting to locate a specific product or service within the community they live. Because of this Google has developed its own share of local business listings services. Yahoo! also has its own brand of directories targeted at local businesses.It is not just a matter of submitting your business URL to these directories, there were specific action steps which you must take in order for your target audience to find you when conducting searches. Following are three of the top action steps to take to market your business on local search directories.1. Submit your website URL to as many of the major search engines as possible. Search engine traffics account for the highest percentage of traffic from local searches. Many of the search engines, including Google, have business services catering specifically to local searches which do not cost anything.Some of the better business directories to submit to our Google Local Business Center, Google Map listings, Google Base, and Goog-411. Yahoo also delivers his own local business services too on Yahoo Local Listings and Internet Yellow Pages are usually the Internet version of the paper Yellow Pages and phone books. The best ones to check out our and which offer free listings. Localeze is another data directory specifically for local businesses which distributes its content to 45 separate search sites, including Yellow Pages and they also offer a free listing in the directory. These sites also offer paid services.3. PPC Advertising. Several of the advertising networks also have services to have your website advertisement listed specifically by location, language, keywords, and almost any other criteria you may come up with. Also check into these services because they also offer coupon ads in video.The best PPC providers to use our Google AdWords and Yahoo! If you are trying to list for your location and specific keyword targeting. Facebook also offers additional listings for any demographic she may come up with to include gender, age, location, education level, and any specific interest you think your target niche audience would have. Facebook is also one of the best marketing strategies if your marketing specifically to women. This is due to 56% of the users on Facebook being women.If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.